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Peoples Trust Investment
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In 2002, after a devastating stock market downturn, the People's Trust Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors called upon the spirit of cooperation. This group, primarily made up of Shell employees and retirees, banded together to create an essential alternative for their members— an institution that would provide objective and unbiased financial guidance.

Their goal was to create an entity that would offer superior service and a guiding hand— providing for not only the employees, but also for their spouses and family members.

Thus, Signal Hill was born. Named after the 1920s oil field discovery in Signal Hill, California, Signal Hill is a name that is symbolic of the great past and is representative of a beacon of light directing members to a more successful financial future.

After 12 years of success as Signal Hill, we changed our name from Signal Hill Investment Services to People's Trust Investment Services so that People's Trust members, and the public at large, would be able to see us as one. Rest assured that People's Trust Investment Services is here to help you reach your financial goals.

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